Copyright And Law On The Internet To Evade Plagiarism

There could not be a better medium in the present times than the internet, which allows you to have access to any kind of information you want. Grownups as well as kids are able to find out information on various topics, depending on their needs. School going children, college and university students find the internet a very useful medium for completing tasks assigned as well as research. Many a times various projects are assigned to students, requiring them to conduct research by themselves. In days gone by, students had no other choice, but to refer to books only.

One drawback that most students faced was that some of the reference books required were not easily available. This made things difficult for them to complete their projects with appropriate information. The main advantage of the internet is that you can get information within seconds and there is no flipping of pages. All information is just a click away. However it is important to note that whatever information that is available on the net cannot be produced as it is, or plagiarized which amounts to copying. Most people are not aware of the fact that copying down or downloading information as it is, and presenting it as one's own is illegal and that there are copy and laws on the internet to evade plagiarism.

There are copyright laws that exist to protect the information that is available on the internet. Even copying directly from books is disallowed by the copyright law and the same applies to the internet too. A lot of information is available on thousands of websites on different search engines on the internet, for example videos, pictures, poems, content etc. and many people are not aware that this information cannot be reproduced in the same way as it is available on the web.

If a website wants to publish its content on the internet, the content should be unique and not copied from information available on another website. It is important to produce content in a totally different style which should have originality and uniqueness. There are copyright laws on the internet to evade plagiarism, hence it is important to take necessary precautions. A number of writers have come into existence and are able to provide competitive information for different websites on the internet. It is best to take the help of their services to evade the setback that could earn ill repute.

People receive a number of emails, but often are not aware of the fact that these emails cannot be forwarded as they do not have the legal right to do this! Still, many people continue doing the same. It is a well known fact that text books, novels, etc. written by various authors, have a copyright which means that the legal owner of that particular novel or that textbook is the author himself and no one has a right on that book. All the content written in that book is by the writer himself and anyone who tries to copy or reproduce that information is termed guilty by the cyber law. The law is enforced to ensure that no one is exploited in the name of the World Wide Web.